Hot Tub Repairs

If you are looking for a hot tub repairs company you can trust you have found the right people.

With years of experience in mechanical and electrical engineering we can diagnose problems and fix them.

What we charge:-

  • Callout charges include up to the first hour of labour call 0333 577 8987 for more info.

What we are:-

  • Experienced mechanical and electrical engineers.
  • Seasoned hot tub engineers.
  • Polite and courteous.
  • Tidy.
  • Honest.
  • Respectable.
  • Hard working.
  • Happy.

We are not:-

  • Quick fix parts changers only. (we like to know why it broke not just change it)
  • The opposite of what we are above.

    Hot Tub Repairs

    • Hot Tub Leak Repairs:

      • Leak Detection: Detecting and addressing leaks is crucial to prevent water loss, parts and structural damage.
      • Sealant for Hot Tub Leaks: Explore sealant options to fix minor leaks before they become major problems.
    • Hot Tub Pump problems and pump failure:

      • Common Pump Issues: Explore issues like noisy pumps, low water pressure.
      • Replacing Pump Seals: Leaking seals or wet end replacement.
      • Pump Failure: Capacitor replacement, pump replacement, pump parts.
    • Jet Repairs:

      • Clogged Jets: Diagnose jet problems.
      • Replacing Jet Inserts: Replace jets and jet diffusers.
    • Heater Problems and Solutions:

      • No Heat: Heating failure problems diagnosis and repairs.
      • Heater Element Replacement: Element, sensors and full heater replacements.
    • Control Panel and Electrical Issues:

      • Control Panel Problems: Control panel Tips,  diagnosing and addressing issues.
      • Electrical Wiring and Connections: Electrical component testing, diagnosis and repairs. 
      • Error Messages: Flo, DR, – – -, hot tub error messages.
    • Water Quality and Chemical Balancing:

      • Balancing Chemicals: Guides and help on maintaining water chemistry balance and supplying hot tub chemicals.
      • Water Filtration System Maintenance: Checking and supplying hot tub filters.
    • Preventive Maintenance and additional services:

      • Routine Inspection: Creating a maintenance schedule to catch problems before they escalate.
      • Winterising Your Hot Tub: Steps to protect your hot tub during the cold winter months.
      • Hot tub installations.
      • Warranty advice.
      • Need a part? let us know what Hot tub parts you require.

    We nearly always can fix problems in the first hour, but if we don’t there is more than likely an underlying reason. In this situation we would liaise with the customer on costs first.

    For more information on hot tub repairs or servicing please fill out the contacts form or alternatively email or call 0333 577 8987 and speak to one of our staff members.