About Us

First and foremost we all come from mechanical, electrical and heating engineering backgrounds. One way or another we have found our way into the hot tub trade.

Some of us have worked for other hot tub companies and been surprised by the lack of actual engineering work they are prepared to do. Most companies have a specific number of jobs they have to complete per day. unfortunately this tends to make quality of work secondary to speed of work.

That is why we decided to start our own company. We aim to provide an elite service. We enjoy our jobs and that comes from the satisfaction that we do a good job!

Quite simply we have a job to do and we do it! no messing, no skipping, no ripping people off. 

As our business grows we aim to give back by donating to charitable causes.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not fix inflatable Spas

For more information please fill out the contacts form or alternatively email admin@sashottubs.co.uk or call 0333 577 8987 and speak to one of our staff members.