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If you are searching the internet for ‘Hot tub repairs near me’, ‘Hot tub repairs in Nottinghamshire’ or ‘hot tub engineers near me’ and you:-

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  2. Prefer local companies.
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Then call S.A.S hot tubs on 0333 577 8987.

We are seasoned hot tub engineers and live in the Nottinghamshire area. Also we spend all out time doing hot tub repairs or servicing in the Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire area. Here we will regularly post our work which maybe helpful to customer experiencing issues.

Hot Tub Repair In Beeston – Hot Tub Leak.

We had a call from a customer with a hot tubleak in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

After a conversation over the phone with the customer, we booked in a callout.

The engineer subsequently found the leak on opening the front panel. The engineer check for any other problem in addition to this one.

To begin with the engineer emptied the hot tub thereby being able to stop the leak. Usually all our engineers carry water pumps in addition to water bags. Therefore we can quickly empty the water from the hot tub without losing the water. 

The engineer has highlighted with a yellow arrow the offending one way valve that has snapped.

Hot Tub Repair Nottinghamshire - Hot Tub Leak

The one way valve displayed is to stop a return of water in this instance returning into the circulation pump. As a result this will normally prevent air locks forming whilst the pump is not in use. 

The engineer noted in this case the valve had perished due to wear and tear. The engineer replaced the valve in addition to gluing it back in place. Finally the hot tub is refilled, set up and tested.

Hot Tub Repair in Newark – Hot Tub Dry Error Code

A customer called through to us with a Dry error code. 

Firstly let us explain what is meant by dry and what a dry error code is.

A dry error code on your hot tub display panel usually indicates that the heater is dry. Depending on the make and model of the hot tub system there will be some kind of flow sensor near the heater. This flow sensor tells the hot tub that a sufficient amount of water is flowing through to keep the element from burning out or boiling the water. 

This error message can often read, FL, FLO, – – -, DY, again depending on the hot tub system. They all mean the same thing.

The cause of a dry heater tube warning can be for a number of reasons.

  • Dirty or blocked filter.
  • Blocked pipes restricting flow.
  • Air lock.
  • Circulation pump not working.
  • PCB fault.
  • Sensor fault.

The main thing we tell customers first is to check the filters and take them out. If the fault still occurs time to call the professionals.

In this particular case the circulation pump had seized up, this can be due to prolonged standing without being switched on.

Our engineer released the pump motor and all ways well. A nice easy inexpensive fix. Be careful as inexperience can sometimes mistake this for a broken pump.

Hot tub repair Worksop – Chinese hot tub PCB Fault

The customer in this example received S.A.S hot tubs telephone number as a recommendation from a friend. Having had random problems with the hot tub temperature they needed help and called our engineers.

After the engineer arrived he noticed the temperature reading was 27 degrees however the temperature was actually 39 degrees.

Therefore we look and action the following process:

  • Check the location of the temperature sensor. In brief this was placed on the hot tub shell, therefore we know the circulation would not be at fault here.
  • Check all wires from the sensor for loose connections.
  • Since the location of the temperature sensor was on the shell, we could try a spare one we carried on stock. As a result we can determine if the sensor is at fault.

As a result of our fault finding the engineer concluded the PCB had a fault. Luckily we had a spare on stock in the van and we could repair on the day. 

Chinese PCB’s and parts are notoriously hard to get after a few years consequently the customer was lucky on this occasion and really thankful.

The fault was rectified therefore a happy ending.

Hot Tub Repairs In Nottinghamshire – Mansfield

  • Firstly a customer called with leak.
  • To begin with you can check out what to expect when booking in this separate blog.
  • As a result of our conversation over the phone a call out was booked in.
  • On arrival an inspection of the hot tub surround was made for signs of leak.
  • The hot tub was briefly inspected from the outside.
  • The main side skirting was removed for internal inspection.
  • A leak was spotted coming from the pump seal.

Hot Tub Repair Mansfield - Leaking Hot Tub Pump Seal

  • Also the rest of the hot tub internals where checked for leaks or problems.
  • No other leaks / problems were found.
  • The amount of water leaking is consistent with the leaking pump seal.
  • Also the water chemistry was checked.
  • Water chemistry is ok.
  • Cause of seal failure is unknown.
  • Seal was replaced.
  • Furthermore the hot tub and pump where tested again for leaks.
  • Finally the repair was signed off by a happy customer.

Hot Tub Not Heating – Nottingham

After being called out to a hot tub that was not heating in Nottingham, our engineers discovered that the pressure switch was not only leaking, but was set incorrectly.

Flow Switch Nottingham hot tub repair

Apparently another company had changed the heater recently and because of repeated problems the customer was reluctant to have them back.

On investigation, whilst the heater had been changed ok; the pressure switch had been swapped over incorrectly with no PTFE tape on the threads and they had not checked to adjust the pressure switch.

The heater had worked while heating up the first time, but after it had gone off, it failed to come back on. 

This is a common fault found when inexperienced engineers / customers change these themselves. the resistance needs to be checked to ensure an open or closed circuit is not present. 

In summary this would result in the heater either not coming on at all, or not coming on after initially going off; for example when temperature is reach and it then drops, the heater would not come back on as in this case.

After fixing the fault we advised the grateful customer leaving them with a heating hot tub.

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