Hot Tub Servicing near me in Derby and Derbyshire

Hot tub servicing near me in Derby and Derbyshire

If you are looking for hot tub servicing near me in Derby and Derbyshire, S.A.S hot tubs are your local hot tub servicing specialists.

Call 0333 577 8987 to speak to your local hot tub repair man, we are here to help. Our Derby and Derbyshire engineers live local and are specialists in all hot tub makes and models.

From Chinese hot tubs like Danz Spas, Blue Whale Spas, Hot Price Tubs, London Spas and Tub 2 U. Additionally we cover all the major hot tub brands such as Jacuzzi, Coast, Marquis, Catalina, Spaform, Caldera, Artic Spas, Artesian and many more. 

Servicing a hot tub annually is important and may save you hundreds of pounds in the short-long term. 

Not only does a regular annual full comprehensive service check all the electrics and plumbing for problems but also for any potential problems. So although you may not feel the need for an annual service as everything looks ok, there could be underlying issues.

Hot Tub Servicing  

Pipe Flush

It is important that your hot tub has a system flush to remove bio-film and any nasties at least once a year. 

A well looked after tub that is regularly emptied and refilled in addition to being looked after should not have any issues, right?

Not entirely, even with the chemicals you put in, mineral deposits and grime will accumulate over time. Your normal sanitiser will not be able to handle these on its own. 

While the hot tub might look nice and clean on the exterior, in contrast the pluming may not.

A good service will eliminate anything in the pipework that could be a danger to you, family or friends who use the tub.

Hot Tub Electrical Components

S.A.S hot tub services include electrical checks.

We check the capacitance of pumps which can save trouble and money in the long run.

We also check the ampere pull from all the electrical components.  This helps us identify any current or potential problems.

We also check the ozonator is working correctly and advise accordingly.

For more information on our service packages visit our service page or call S.A.S hot tubs on 0333 577 8987 and talk to a member of our staff.

Local Hot Tub Servicing near me in Derby and Derbyshire

Below we will show examples of hot tub services we have carried out in Derby and Derbyshire.

We will also give hints and tips and hopefully share valuable information to hot tub owners in Derby and Derbyshire. 

Hot Tub Service in Derby – Bits Floating in tub

A customer in Derby requested a full service as they had bits of debris floating in their hot tub.

People often use clear water or a similar product to remove the particles.

Interestingly these products often advise they stick the particles together so they can be picked up by the filter!

Unfortunately although this may be true, these are just congeal products. Therefore they stick the particles together which make them heavy and sink.

Most filters on hot tubs are just below the water line. so these particle balls get sucked in the massage pump inlets and pipework.

This then can be a starting point for bacteria such as bio-film to take hold. Furthermore when a hot tub flush is then put through the pipework it breaks these particles back up over time.

Although safe after the flush, this can look unsightly and need regular netting out and filter cleaning until removed.

Hot tub bits floating - S.A.S hot tubs
If you look closely little white bits can be seen.
bits in hot tub Derby - S.A.S hot tubs
A close up shows the bits more clearly.
Hot tub service Derby - S.A.S hot tubs
Our engineers remove the jets and give the shell a good scrub.
Hot tub service Derby - S.A.S hot tubs
Hoovering out all the jets and pipework.
Hot tub service Derby - S.A.S hot tubs
Leaving the hot tub like new.

After completing the hot tub full service the customer is left with a clean and safe hot tub free from debris.

We always provide service sheets highlighting any issues we found and advisories. 

To book a hot tub service in derby or the surrounding areas call us on 0333 577 8987.

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In addition to Derby, S.A.S Hot Tubs cover hot tub repairs and servicing in Derbyshire towns –  Alfreton, Ashbourne, Bakewell, Belper, Bolsover, Buxton, Chesterfield, Darley Dale, Dronfield, Eckington, Glossop, Heanor, Ilkeston, Langley Mill, Matlock, Melbourne, Shirebrook, Swadlincote, and many more.

Lastly for Information on Servicing please see our servicing page.