Shutting down your hot tub to save electricity?

Looking how to shut down your hot tub to save electricity?

Try these tips first!

Before you turn off the hot tub due to electricity prices, look through the checklist below to see if you are covering all your options. it may be a case that you can run the hot tub more economically.

  • Is the hot tub insulated?

    Some hot tubs although having insulation on the inside shell do not have insulation around the cabinet. Therefore causing massive heat loss, heat loss = more money spent on heating back up. SAS hot tubs use thermal imaging to help identify any uninsulated areas. In some instances we have saved the customers on average 50 a month where the tub wasn’t insulated at all. 

Shutting down your hot tub to save electricity?

Looking how to shut down your hot tub to save electricity? SAS Hot Tubs offer a insulation check and fitting service.

  • Is the cover doing its job correctly?

    The cover is probably the most important money saving part of the hot tub. If the cover is damaged in any way this could again leak heat. Call SAS hot tubs if you would like more information on covers. A broken or cover that has soaked water up can lose up to 90% of its thermal value, meaning your energy costs will be much higher.  Your hot tub can be up to 75% more energy efficient when using just a low R value (low measure of insulation) cover. Imagine what a good thick cover can do.
  • The table below shows data for EPS insulation which is commonly used in hot tub covers.

Shutting down your hot tub to save electricity?

  • Are your filtration cycles set correctly?

    Filtration cycles come on to disturb the water, with the idea this will push any bits down the filter. These can be changed to more economical timings. For example instead of having a two hour filtration cycle maybe have one hour.
  • Different modes for economy or sleep.

    Most hot tubs now days offer economy or sleep modes. Economy modes often will only heat the hot tub up during the filtration cycle. In summer this can be really useful as the hot tub temperature does not drop much during the day. So a 30 minute filtration cycle may be enough to keep the tub ticking over at the required temperature. In winter if you have taken the advice of cover and insulation this may quite possibly be enough too. Have a play around to find out. Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for more information.
  • Have you had the hot tub serviced professionally recently?

    A full professional service can help reduce costs. A professional flush can help reduce power used by cleaning filters as well as pipework. This is achieved due to pumps work load being lighter through non obstructive pipes and filters. We can also identify any problems with pumps regarding capacitance or running overloaded. this helps keep the power being used for motion and not unnecessarily heating the pumps.  

Conclusions on Shutting down your hot tub to save electricity

Most customers we speak to while concerned with ever increasing energy costs see the hot tub as an escape and the running of the tub no different to going out for a meal and a few drinks. In this way by being social at home utilising the hot tub they are actually saving money. 

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