Hot Tub Problems FAQ

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Why is my hot tub not heating?

90 % of the time this is due to low flow.

Do you have an error message?

Often when the hot tub stops heating it will show an error message.
Most modern heaters now days have flow switches and sensors on so before the heater breaks they will switch off and display a message.
Most common error messages are FL, Flo, LF, SNS, – – – , SN1, HL, etc..
These messages nearly always point to one thing….

Low Flow…

This means somewhere along the line the PCB or brains of the hot tub is receiving information that flow through the heater is not enough.

What causes hot tub low flow or the error messages LF, Flo, FL, – – -, HL….

The main causes of low flow can be caused by blocked filters, circulation pump problems, broken relays, blockages, leaks, air locks… amongst other reasons.

How do i know if i have flow in my hot tub?

When the hot tub is first turned on and is going through its priming cycle, do you see the water moving? If all the massage jets are off can you see the water moving? if you have a visible filter and skimmer, is it sucking water down? These are all evidences that flow is or is not present.

My Circulation is present but still have a flow error message

Amongst other reasons this could be due to a blockage, a faulty sensor or damaged PCB. At this point a professional hot tub technician would be recommended. S.A.S Hot Tub Technicians carry spare parts and equipment they can use to diagnose the problem from here.

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