Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions.

Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions.

We have listened to our customers new and old and have come up with a list our frequently asked Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions. Here they are with our answers. If you do have any more questions please feel free to contact us via our online form, or telephone 0333 577 8987.


  • How much does a hot tub repair cost?

    • This is the question we are asked most and the answer is, until we have found the problem and know what we need; if anything and also how long it will take, we cannot answer. But a rough guide is Part plus labour. So if you needed a new pump at £120 the total cost would be between £180 and £220. dependant on factors such as time taken to change. Why the time varies is due to factors such as – emptying the tub and refilling, changing any plumbing seals, time taken to change etc… The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us on 0333 577 8987 or our contact form. 
  •  How much does a service cost?

    • A full comprehensive service can take anywhere between 2 – 4 plus hours. We are the real deal and when you want a fully comprehensive service we do just that. We often are told by our customers stories of other local companies attempts at a service and in honesty have a chuckle. Our Service price ranges are decided on location, what is needed, if there are any issues with the hot tub etc. and we often have special offers on so it is best to call us to find out on 0333 577 8987. If you become a regular customer of ours we also do discounts. One thing is for sure; You wont be paying some of the extremely ridiculous prices we have been told some hot tub stores are charging.
  • What does a hot tub cost to run?

    • This is a very common question. The honest answer is at current energy prices (01/01/2023) on average any where between £1 and £5 a day. The reason for this variation is down to a few variables. Is the tub well insulated? has the tub been serviced regular to keep in optimal condition. Is the cover doing its job. Do you have a spa cap over the cover. is the hot tub in a open to the elements area. Is the hot tub a low flow system. Is it winter etc. etc. So you can see their are many variables to consider. Most of these can be checked and optimised, Give us a call for a chat today, we can advise on best practices as well as do a thermal check on the hot tub for you. Call us on 0333 577 8987 or use our contact form. 
  • How often do you need to change the water?

    • Generally well looked after hot tub water on average should be changed every 3-4 months. You will usually know when it is time as the water may become cloudy or have a stale smell, the chemical levels may become harder to get correct etc. SAS Hot Tubs offer a Freshen Up service if this is something you would prefer a professional to do. Call us on 0333 577 8987 or use our contact form.
  • How often does a hot tub need to be serviced?

    • Easy one. Every year. You need to make sure it is done properly and this will expand the lifetime of your hot tub, reduce the cost of running the hot tub, keep you safe, help combat/reduce/identify and prevent future problems. In a world full of reaction, be preventative. We honestly cannot stress the amount of money and stress this can save in the long run. 
  • How long does a hot tub usually last?

    • This question flows nicely from the one above. If you look after your hot tub…. or even better let us look after your hot tub you will have years and years of no hassle hot tubing. You can liken them to cars. Well maintained and serviced cars can last lifetimes, why not a hot tub. We go out to Jacuzzis over 20 years old that still have air switches and no digital displays, they run as well as they did the first day. Some jets may have been replaced and pumps etc, but they are still going well. 
  • What’s the best hot tub to buy?

    • In Summary it all depends on your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to call us on 0333 577 8987 or use our contact form and ask the question. We do have some tubs we highly recommend and that are always in our top three, but our engineers all have differing views for various reason so we will always give you a balanced view.
  • Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions.

    • Finally we hope this has answered a good chunk of your Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions. If you do have any that have not been covered please call us on 0333 577 8987 or use our contact form

Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions. Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions. Hot Tub Repair and Service in Nottinghamshire Questions.

Not just hot tub servicing but breakdowns too.

If you’re having any problems with your hot tub, give SAS Hot Tubs a call for help – we’re always happy to oblige!

Our local engineers cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire areas too.

So whether you need a full service, a winter drain down or a repair, we can help.

Our engineers are fully qualified and trained to work with all brands of hot tubs, including Chinese hot tubs.

We also offer full breakdown callouts for customers in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Leicestershire areas too.

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