Hot Tub Winter Shut Down

Looking for a hot tub winter shut down in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire or Derbyshire?

Its that time of year again. the weather is turning and the days and nights getting colder. And especially with the energy prices rising you may be considering turning the hot tub off for the winter months.

A tough decision.

Before making your final decision it may be worth considering the pro’s and con’s. So we have compiled a list of our own expertise and also customers views below.

Pro’s for leaving your hot tub running during winter.

  • Sat in the warmth on a chilly night stargazing
  • A social time of year, Bonfire night, Christmas, New year etc..
  • Nothing better than being sat in a hot tub while it is snowing.
  • Good to warm the bones and help mental health (SAD) during the darker months.
  • Something to look forward to after work.
  • Good to get the kids outside off iPad’s and social media during the dark nights.
  • Still a great way to relax, with all the usual hot tub benefits.
  • Pumps do not seize up as can happen when dry for a period of time.

Con’s for keeping your hot tub running during winter.

  • Energy bills – See our guide before completely succumbing to this idea.   
  • Too cold to walk to and from the hot tub.
  • Too cold to go outside regular to maintain the chemicals.
  • Weather unpredictable and wont use the hot tub when raining if not covered.

Now hopefully we have helped a little in your decision.

So if you are going to shut down your hot tub for winter we recommend you have this professionally done.


Because if you do not complete the job properly you do run the risk of problems, such as

  • Pipes not being emptied and freezing, splitting the pipe.
  • water in the shell freezing and cracking.
  • water in the heater tube corroding the heater and freezing.
  • Water left in the pumps freezing or being left to corrode the seals and shaft.
  • Biofilm growing in any residual water left in the hot tub.
  • These are to name a few.

SAS Hot Tub Engineers are very thorough when we shut down hot tubs for winter. we like to know come spring or start up your tub is as good as ever. after all it is a comfort and you don’t want start up issues.

Here is just a taste of what we do.

  • Add a Biofilm remover to the water to kill all nasties.
  • Clean the cover with a restorer to help prevent winter mould build up and protect.
  • Ensure the tub is running ok, and note any potential/issues.
  • Drain the tub.
  • Clean the tub with a antibacterial cleaning solution designed for hot tub and gel coat shells.
  • Rinse the tub thoroughly through.
  • Blow air through the pipes to push any water out.
  • Hoover all the jets and shell.
  • Hoover the heater and pumps for standing water.
  • Hoover the main pipework.
  • Check the heater seals to see if they need replacing.
  • Look for leaks underneath the hot tub.
  • Dry the shell.
  • Chemically clean the filters.
  • Remove any cushions to dry out.
  • And much more.

Some people think this is just an easy thing to do. Some hot tub product companies want you to believe this too so that you buy their products. These are the people we probably will see next year in spring when they have encountered problems. Split pipes, seized pumps etc. We have an old saying don’t be pennywise and pound foolish.

Our engineers have years of experience in hot tubs and engineering, we see things that many are not looking for because they don’t have the experience.

Believe me if you book our engineers in to winterise your hot tub, you will not be disappointed and you can relax over the winter with another job ticked off.

Call us today to book in.

Hot Tub Winter shut down in Keyworth, Nottingham.

Hot Tub Winter Shut Down Nottinghamshire

Getting the shell all dry and shiny. We make sure we hoover every jet.

Winter Hot Tub shut down in Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Hot Tub Winter Shut Down Derbyshire

The biofilm remover at work.

After draining the heater and pump our engineer noticed there was no insulation on the inspection hatch.

So while we are at it, we put a little in for the customer, no charge.

Hot Tub Winter shut down in Oakham, Leicestershire.

Hot Tub Winter Shut Down Leicestershire

Drained, Cleaned and Hoovered.

Heater drained, heater seals replaced and pipes hoovered.

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