Hot Tub Servicing Near Me in Nottingham

Hot Tub Servicing Near Me in Nottingham

If you are searching for hot tub servicing near me in Nottingham then look no further.

S.A.S Hot Tubs have several engineers that live in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. 

Our engineers complete comprehensive servicing and repairs on all makes and models of hot tubs in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas. We service Chinese hot tubs from Danz Spas, Blue Whale Spas, Premier Hot Tubs, Hot price Tubs, Tubs 2 U to London Spas. We also service and repair Coast, Artic Spas, Marquis Spas, Spaform, Catalina, are jacuzzi engineers and many many more.

Having years of experience with all makes and models, we can fault find not just clean hot tubs during a service. This puts us ahead of other hot tub cleaning companies in Nottinghamshire.

With the popularity of hot tubs combined with more affordable suppliers, there has been an influx in so called hot tub servicing companies.

Please be aware these companies may give the surface a good clean and leave it looking fresh, but they haven’t carried out a full service.  Customers are constantly telling us of hot tub servicing companies who just clean the shell, in most cases they don’t even take the side panels off or jets out.

A real full comprehensive service can save you hundreds of pounds in the long run. 

Below we will show some of our hot tub servicing in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. We will also cover issues with tubs and explanations to help our customers and visitors to the site. So if you are looking for hot tub servicing near me Nottingham we can hopefully help and make a difference.

Hot Tub Service in Nottingham – What is Hot Tub Shock?

We arrived at a new customer to provide a full service on there hot tub. 

Our full comprehensive service includes a full check of the working spa and systems as well as a thorough clean of the pipework, jets, pumps and shell to name just a few.  

Any issues we find with the hot tub we can fix within the service is included in the price, even if we have to change a pump, only the part price is charged no labour.

Dirty Hot Tub
From this

The reason the tub has become so cloudy is due to the fact that only sanitiser has been used. At no point has any shock been used in the water.

What does shock do?

  1. Removes organic compounds from the hot tub water.
  2. Kills bacteria in the hot tub.
  3. Removes chloramines and bromamines from the water. (This is chlorine or bromine mixed with organic waste. Incidentally this is what makes the hot tub water cloudy.)
  4. Reactivates bromides in the hot tub.

In addition, part of any of our service is our ability to talk; and if need be explain things to the customer they may not know.

Dirty Hot Tub Jets
Cleaning Hot Tub
Clean Hot Tub
to this

The customer lovedĀ  the resulting clean hot tub. Our engineers loved a job well done.